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1000 years ago, the Dark Enemy was driven from the world of Telgard by the mighty power of her greatest heroes. Formidable magic was cast and mighty swords claimed victory in that wondrous time. The Enemy was banished and prevented from returning by the placement of four mystical seals of power, born of an incredible magic that is unknown today.

Here your adventure begins. You start out as a character who has heard the rumblings of strange rumors. You begin with modest means and skills, but fear not, for your destiny is for greatness! Those who would train the new heroes of the land stand ready! So take up arms or learn a craft, and maybe you'll become the next Great Hero in the Kingdoms of Telgard!

We humbly suggest that you take the Telgard Tour to get started. The tour will give you an overview of how the game works. For further assistance, please visit our forums where the game takes place. There you can ask questions and find information beyond what is here on the main webpage. If you need specific information, posting a question in the Questions & Answers board is your best bet.

Thanks! - CD Mac





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