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Author Topic: Frozen Dreams (Oak Triballi)  (Read 2600 times)
CD Imago
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« Reply #15 on: January 09, 2016, 10:39:45 PM »

"Dreams are not uncommon at this stage," master Dorvann mused. "But it is sometimes a sign of a different talent.  I am sorry I have no ability to test these things."

"He is warmer," Meersha reported.  "Is it better to sleep or not sleep now?"

"I could not say.  Hm.  But perhaps..." He moved across the room to the wooden chest and rummaged inside it, pulling out several leather-bound volumes.  "I don't suppose you can read in Delfae?" he asked.  Meersha shook his head, and shrugged toward Oak. 

"Well," Dorvann sighed, "this may not be much use to you, then.  The booksellers around here sometimes collect these old journals.  It would be suspect in Korresh, of course, and they tend to hide them from foreigners, but among the Dwarves they have some appeal as curiosities.  It should not be too difficult to find a copy of "The Talents and Their Symptoms," if you know how to ask.  But I think you will find it only in the Dwarven script, at best."

If Oak indicated interest, Dorvann handed him one of the slim volumes.  The inside was covered in elegant swirls of Delfae writing, punctuated by sketches of people, animals, plants and other objects both familiar and strange. 

"I don't like taking him out in the snow," Meersha grumbled.  "Not when he nearly froze to death already."

"There will be much snow on the way to Korgarr," Dorvann said.  "Yet waiting may invite worse calamity.  Perhaps our friend here would like to make his own choices?"

Meersha scrunched up his nose and looked at Oak.  "What do you think?"

Oak Triballi
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« Reply #16 on: January 31, 2016, 05:04:51 PM »

Oak reached for the slim volume, his fingers tracing over the delicate, and indecipherable swirls.

You can't read that. the inner voice told him,

I know, but it is a start.

"I will try to find a copy of the book if I can, and hopefully someone to help translate it as well." Oak told Dorvann as he handed back the copy with an almost reverential deference to the book.

"I think I should explore this new talent of mine, at least enough to learn to control it, and maybe, just maybe I can steer it towards works of good, if it is truly not a sinful thing."

You seem to finally be talking some sense. The inner Oak told him, sounding a bit smug in his mind's ear.

"And I think there is no time like the present to do so, for who knows when I may have another.... incident. The sooner I can learn to manage it, the safer I think I will be, for both myself and those around me."

"Meersha" Oak turned to his friend, "I wish to set out as soon as I can, and I do truly hope you will come with me, but I will understand if you do not wish to bear the dangers of this journey."

As if he would risk himself for you. The inner voice taunted.

Shut Up. Oak replied to himself sternness in his thoughts.

Finally, some backbone, good. We may survive this yet.

Standing Oak gave a respectful bow to the diminutive Delfea. "And thank you Master Dorvann, for everything. I am very sorry for any trouble I may have caused you.
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