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Author Topic: Map of Telgard  (Read 4135 times)
CD Mac
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« on: February 16, 2007, 02:57:38 PM »

Map of Telgard

Click for the large version of this map.

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CD Imago
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(Time & Distance at a Glance)

Zilgarr to Korgarr **
Zilgarr Rd>Drimlok Pass>Korgarr Rd.
By foot, one can make the journey within ten days, seven by pony driven cart, and about 4 upon a sure footed pony or trail horse. 
Korgarr to Dirgarr **
Korgarr Road>Kir Pass
A sturdy trail horse can make the trip in 5 days, while a caravan or foot traveler will need 10 to 12 days to complete the journey.
Dirgarr to Tegn
Paper Road
Caravans and walkers frequently make the trip within 9 days, while a swift horse can get there in 2. Dwarven ponies, although swift and sure in the mountains, are only slightly faster than a foot traveler upon the Paper Road.
Dirgarr to Tiangchou
Dwarves Road
A difficult trail to follow, caravans do not take this route, but an experienced traveler can walk there in 7 days if he doesn't get lost in the plains.
Tiangchou to Maston
Great S. road>Imerial Hwy
A 17 day trip by caravan or foot, a swift horse or carriage can get there in 7 as the roads are well maintained. An alternative route via the Kel Path is more dangerous.
Tiangchou to Kel
Great S. road>Kel Path
Coaches and caravans cannot travel well upon the Kel Path, but a foot traveler can reach Kel in 6 days and a horse in 2 or 3.
Tiangchou to Tegn
Great S. road>Imperial Hwy
A fast horse or carriage can make the trip in 9 days while a caravan or foot traveler can get to Tegn in around 20 days.
Tegn to Maston
Imperial Hwy
A horse or carriage can reach the gates of Maston within 7 days, a foot traveler or caravan need 13 days.
Tegn to Nachzach'sh
Paper road>Desert Path>Viper Pass
Under ideal conditions, it takes a caravan or walker to reach Naczach'sh after 9 days of steady travel; a coach won't do much better because of the landscape. The swiftest way to go is via a well trained trail horse which can make the journey in 5 days.
Kel to Maston
Kel/Maston road
In good weather, a merchant ship can make the trip in 12 hours, a fast clipper ship in half the time. A fast horse can take a light rider there in 7 hours while a caravan needs 2 days. By foot, the journey takes 3 days.
Nachzach'sh to Ta'ess
Gateway Trail
A caravan can make the trip in two weeks with two of those days spent crossing the flats. By foot, the way may be swifter, but only for those with sufficient wilderness skills.
Nachzach'sh to Hasst
Gateway Trail>Trail of Shifting Sands
Easily 50 days by caravan, the way is hard going due to the ever changing dunes once upon the Trail of Shifting Sands.
Ta'ess to Hasst
Path of Night
26 days by caravan, the Path of Night is a nightmare come to life. The 6 or more days on the salt flats can easily be the death of novice, lone travelers. It is worth the cost of a guide to increase the chance of survival.
Na'el to Silverdawn
Caravans and coaches cannot navigate the forest, but a foot traveler can get to Silverdawn in 7 days and a horse in 3 providing the forest allows passage. Strangers to the land might find themselves lead astray.
Na'el to Maston
Ahrin Straights
A merchant ship can make the journey in 5 days, 3 days in a light rigged clipper, and a war vessel in 4. 
Na'el to Thornmist
Forest>River crossing
There are two different routes depending of if it is an outsider who is traveling, or an elf from Silverdawn. Therefore, a foot traveler can take anywhere from 6 to 14 days and a rider from 3 to 9.
Thornmist to Deeg
This extremely dangerous journey can take anywhere from 14 days to several months. Only the very skilled attempt this trip, even with a guide.
Deeg to Krull
Jungle (good luck!)

Coastline (best option)
A treeg takes at least a week, a horse at least 12 days, cutting through the jungle on foot takes a minimum of 18 days. Krull to Deeg via waterways = 257 miles (sailing) Safest and most popular way to travel to Deeg. Takes only 28 hours, by the average merchant Ixit vessel. 
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