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A worm eats corruption;

    His tentacles spread his touch.

    His shadow falls across the land

    Beneath the Ring of Lights.

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Author Topic: The First Rumor...  (Read 5738 times)
CD Imago
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« on: March 07, 2009, 04:23:13 AM »

1000 years ago, the Dark Enemy was driven from the world of Telgard by the mighty power of her greatest heroes.  Formidable magic was cast and mighty swords claimed victory in that wondrous time. The Enemy was banished and prevented from returning by the placement of four mystical seals of power, born of an incredible magic that is unknown today.

150 years ago.........

Ish'tah, the Watcher, the eldest of her race, wept as she peered into her scrying pool. The drops of her salty tears rippled through the vision in the cool water. Her heart was joyous at the sight of the first rebirth, but greatly saddened knowing what this would mean for the future of Telgard. The seals must be breaking. The great heroes of old would be reborn, and with their coming, the ancient enemy would once again walk upon the lands. Ish'tah watched as the Elven babe was lovingly bundled in a soft blanket and handed to his mother. "Welcome, little one," Ish'tah whispered in the musical language of the delfae.

Present day........

Time erodes memories, and 1000 years passing has seen the death of the heroes of old, or so it must be assumed. A new age has dawned, with new concerns and philosophies.  Battles are fought on the foolish whims of men or misharr.  The stories of the past are sung at festivals, but the hearts of the Telgardian people have no fear for the enemy of years past.

Until recently...

A dry whisper rides upon the wind, speaking of an ancient evil thought by most to be dead, and by others a silly story used to frighten children, but even the reclusive nomads to the north are uneasy. The dwarves in the Kingdom of Garr are sending word of strange happenings in their dark mines. Plus, rumor has it that the torches are burning in the ancient halls of the Wizard Council, a place long vacant this past 1000 years and sadly without the great numbers of magic-users that once held the future of Telgard in their hands.  More dreadful than these portents there are whispers, murmured beneath a breath and followed with a nervous laugh, that dragons... no, no that couldn't be.  Such beasts are all long dead.  Yet, though the most common of men believe the rumors to be the fantasy of musing bards, there are those who heed.  Adventurers they call themselves, both young and old rallying for what may lie ahead.

Here your adventure begins. You start out as a character who has chosen to leave his or her village in search of the truth behind the rumors you've heard. You begin humbly, with few possessions or skills, but fear not, for your destiny awaits! Those who would train the new heroes of the land stand ready! So take up arms or learn a craft, and maybe you'll become the next Great Hero in the Kingdoms of Telgard!
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