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Author Topic: Elves: The Basics  (Read 574 times)
GM Imbri
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« on: February 08, 2009, 01:05:18 PM »

Below is some very basic information about the Elves of Telgard to help you create your character.  While we encourage you to be as creative as you like with your description of your character's appearance and history, the following will hopefully help you in developing a "true" Telgardian elf.

Physical Description - Elves are usually tall and slender.  While there are "plump" elves, their diet and metabolism generally leads to them being called 'willowy.'  Slightly taller than humans, the average elf ranges from about 5'4 to just under 6 feet (roughly 1.5-1.8 meters).  Most like humans in appearance, compared to the other races, elves are often considered beautiful or exotic.  Very few elves would ever be called ugly.  Although their skin coloring is generally pale, sheltered as they are by the thick canopy of forest, elves' hair and eye colors range greatly.  Blonde and brown hair are quite common, but red, black, and white/silver are also possible.  Some elves use plants to dye their hair unusual shades of green, blue, or purple.  Eyes are commonly colored green, brown, or blue.  There have been some reports of purple irises, but these are quite rare.  Yellow-tinged eyes are unusual and considered unlucky by some.

Elves are quite long-lived.  They age much like human children until puberty, at which point their growth slows dramatically.  Both elves and humans have 9-month pregnancies, but by about age 11 or 12 where a human child undergoes many changes, an elf almost appears to not grow at all, slowly maturing over the course of several decades.  Elves spend the bulk of their years in adulthood, often living two or three centuries.  The oldest elf ever was reported to be nearly a thousand years old, but most historians reject this due to lack of evidence.

Naming Suggestions - Elves prefer flowing, vowel- and syllable-heavy names that reflect their own grace and beauty.  Lyllianiana, Raicheylle, Esendieran, and Jasen'vyri are all examples of likely elvish names, which then are generally shortened to nicknames such as Lylli, Rai, Deiran, or Jasen.  Names of past heroes are common and popular, particularly the Warrior Monarchs: Aisallyn and Ellenryan.  While elves generally have last names which are structured similarly to first names,  most elves will introduce themselves by first name alone.

Note:  While we prefer that your character's name make sense with his/her race (not too many elves are named "Bob", you are free to choose any name you like, EXCEPT names that violate the rules of Telgard, such as Legolas, Drizzt, Oliver Twist, Emperor James, and so on.

Racial Attributes - Not known for body-building, elves are limited to a strength of three (3).  They do have a weak form of infravision, however, which allows them to see much better than the average human, even in areas with very low light.  They cannot see in complete darkness, however.  Elves are biologically capable of eating meat, but the very thought disgusts most elves.  Although they appear physically similar to humans, elves are a different species and their biologies are not compatible.

Common Traits - While elves have incredibly varied personalities, most elves share a few traits common to their race.  They are very nature-oriented and feel a deep connection with the forest that is their home.  They are also often quite artistic and creative, and elvish works are some of the most highly-sought after across Telgard.  Elves are generally pacifists.  Those who aren't often spend most of their lives in the military, guarding Lirynn's borders.

Common Skills - Elves have a long lifespan in which to learn all sorts of new skills and hobbies.  Many turn their attention to the arts, especially music and crafts.  However, woodworking and metalworking are not very popular.  Elves usually learn at least one other language, typically the human tongue, and some form of woodscraft, such as tracking, herbalism, or survival skills.  Elves may be taught at home, by a trusted relative, at school, or through self-study.
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